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Sunday, February 5, 2012

...ANNNND We're Back (fiiinally)

Wow, a post after a whole year?! I just don't know what to say other than life and lack of inspiration really got in the way of our blogging. I'm still trying to come up with a good solution for taking photos of myself using a remote so then I can photograph whenever. The only thing is my autofocus is not that great even on my tripod, and it always seems to focus on what's behind me :( It's just a little discouraging. And exhausting running back and forth between where you're standing and the camera just to check the photos! Hopefully something will get worked out soon! 

I've really been loving these ankle boots, especially the frilly top and mini bows! I got them before I came to college and was never really brave enough to wear them...I always thought they made me look really short. But they are sooo cute and a rediscovered love lately. :) My boyfriend thinks I look real fobby in this. ahh...

As for nails, I'm not sure when tutorials will be coming up. I really can't bring myself to do the same nails twice...I own so much that I always want to be trying something new. Maybe I'll try to be better about documenting WHILE doing nails from now on. Oh! And by the way, I have a tumblr that I tend to update more frequently with what I'm painting my nails.

Coat: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Blouse: H&M
Tank Top: Kohl's
Shorts: BCBGeneration
Leggings: Uniqlo
Booties: Connie
Bag: Kate Spade