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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sandal Time!

Happy spring (I don't when I'm going to stop saying this since Spring isn't officially here yet)!! The flowers are blooming, and when the weather isn't being temperamental and rainy, it's nice being able to enjoy the warmth and nature. :) I got my hair trimmed last Friday and also got my bangs cut straight! I don't know what I was thinking because I realized as soon as the hairstylist cut them that I regretted it. I had bangs like these from the time I've had enough hair to have them until I was 15! I remember my mom trimming them shorter than I liked every time I had to cut my hair, and well...I just felt like I was seven again. Something about having my eyebrows showing just bothers me. Also my bangs are just terrible at staying put. Every time the stylist trimmed them straight, another random group of long strands would appear magically. At least I've had a week to grow them out!

I've got lots of things to look forward to in the upcoming week. This weekend I'm turning 21, so I'll be officially legal! Also next weekend is my school's Spring Fling--meaning lots of junk food, inflatable fun houses, performances, and parties. Lupe Fiasco, Flo Rida, and Ratatat (the Pokemon? :P) is coming for our concert, and even though I don't really listen to that type of music frequently and can hardly identify any songs associated with these artists even if I know I've heard them, I'm excited to have some good times with good friends. I just have to survive all the group projects that are due tomorrow... 

Teehee, I redid my nails, and I've painted them into Pokeballs! Really, who did not love Pokemon?! And how suitable were these nails considering Ratata Ratatat is coming next week?! Actually just a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I played through Pokemon Fire Red on an emulator! WE'RE DORKS :P

I'm so crazy about these flowery lace tights and sandals!! I looked for MONTHS and MONTHS before I found these. The sandals are so high because of the platforms. I felt like I was towering over people (even the boys!) the whole time I was wearing these, especially because there are so many short Asians who attend my school. :D These sandals are perfect for me because I am terrible at walking in heels, and these are the perfect height, even if I still almost wiped out a few times while walking to class.

Coat: Forever 21
Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: JCPenney
Tights: Asos
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Target

Thank you thank you Jenny for taking my pictures, and Charley, for holding my purse...! And thank you lovely readers for reading and commenting. I will definitely try to do a nail tutorial for you girls soon! :)