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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring into Spring!

So winter has really gotten me down with updating this blog. I'm quite disappointed in myself for not sticking to it, but it just seems that when drab weather (especially the windy and clammy kind we always see in Philly winters) comes around, I lose all motivation to do pretty much anything. :( How do you guys get over the winter blues? Clearly I haven't found a good way to get over the cold. I've just been snuggling up with my cow pillow pet all winter...Here's an indoor post for you guys, since it was raining all day today!

Spring Break was just a little over a week ago, and I spent it on a cruise to the Bahamas with friends and my boyfriend. The weather was so lovely, and it cheered me up quite a bit. If only the entire world could be temperature controlled like that cruise ship!! :P I've also been reading a bunch of blogs lately, and it seems like winter is finally coming to an end for everyone everywhere. Everyone's getting dressed up in their light spring gear, especially those lovely peachy-pink neutrals I've been admiring lately. I couldn't help but be inspired by it. Browsing other blogs has also brought on a heavy bout of shoe/sandal envy. I just keep seeing those Jeffrey Campbell platforms everywhere, and they're so pretty! Unfortunately the day I can afford/walk in those shoes is a long time away.

I'm due for a haircut soon! My bangs are way too long, and the chlorine/salt water from the beaches and cruise ship hot tubs have dried my hair out so badly, especially at the ends. I can't seem to keep any part of my hair untangled, and it's much wavier than before. I regret not bringing conditioner with me so much. :(

I've also been very obsessive about nail polishes lately. I've been painting and repainting my nails like a madwoman. These are supposed to look like clouds...I think people can tell? The smell of polish is awful though. I always wonder how many brain cells I'm losing when I get a whiff of the stuff. Bubzbeauty has been really helpful when I'm wondering what fun designs I should paint next. 

My friend Ariel got me these adorableee piggy socks when she was abroad. :) :)

Blouse: Forever21
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Spring (GET IT? SPRING?!)

Also, please let me know if the pink-toning in my pictures bothers you. I know the colors aren't as accurate, but spring time clothing always makes me love those soft tones you can get. :)


  1. I personally think that the pink tones in the pictures are lovely. :) I also really like your nails - they look really cool! I understand the bit about doing nails, but I'm more worried about weakening my nails, haha. :x I completely understand about the shoe envy - I always get sticker shock when I look up how much some shoes cost.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! :D The Target heels that I wore seem to still be in stock, you can buy them here:


  2. Nice photos - I love how you've done your nails. And lucky you, going on a cruise!

  3. I love everything about this post! Your wall, your nails, your adorable top ... happy spring to you!


  4. Aw so cute I love these pictures and cute blouse and nails.

    Amber's Notebook

  5. Madame, I love your socks. That is all.

  6. You are adorable, I love those shocks, they compliment your outfit perfectly!

  7. These pictures of you are so gorgeous. And your nails look amazing. A cruise sounds incredible! How lucky! I get over the winter blues by reading and drinking lots of good coffee. haha. :)
    Im thinking about moving to Philly for college! But Im not sure yet, I really want to move to the city. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. thanks for your comment

    great blog


  9. I like the pink tones and the softness. And I LOVE your adorable nails :)

  10. Beautiful and cute photos! Love it. Following your blog now :)

  11. Thank you so much :D
    You have a very nice blog,
    and those pictures are very beautiful :)
    You're pretty ! :) xxx

    Ps: Hope you will visit my blog again :D

  12. aww cloud print is so dreamy! and OMG yes the smell of nail polish is terrible, i swear the chemical fumes get stuck at the bottom of my throat >< thanks for following! following you too now ❤

  13. wauw!! the nails are pretty cool!

    like youre blog,

    Im following now


  14. your nails and your photos!! they are so cute <3 you're adorable!!

  15. ohh no, i love the pink tones in your photos! i was just about to comment on how much i love all of them (: especially the socks! and i am very happy that you're back to bloggin' and went on a cool spring break trip. i feel painting my nails in some really intricate way now! haha

  16. ooh, I love the pink tones in your photo's, it's such a pretty look. And I love that you paired your shoes with those adorable socks, really lovely look. xx veronika

  17. haha love how your shoes are by spring! it's funny how our seasons have just swapped, we are in autumn now <3

  18. you nails are awesome, so pretty and cute!


  19. hi hello! actually, i don't thrift terribly often (and also don't spend very much money on clothes; i'm poor), but a lot of my wardrobe is from thrift stores! i mainly get stuff from my favorite store in the neighborhood where i grew up (in dallas). every time i go home to visit my parents/family/friends, i stop in, and it. is. magical. that's not to say, though, that i never have unsuccessful thrifting trips. those things are inevitable.

  20. haha p.s. sorry for that ridiculously long comment. sometimes being an english major gets the best of me, and i rant! (:

  21. sounds like you had a great spring break! escaping philly in the miserable winter is always a good idea :)

  22. You look really gorgeous and can I say... I LOVE YOUR NAILS! how did you even do that? it's really nice, maybe do a tutorial hehe

  23. You look so cute, I love everything especially your piggy socks and cloud nails!

    The Cat Hag

  24. These pictures are so adorable!! I absolutely love the flower. You're so cute! I absolutely love your socks, too. And I really want to paint my nails like that. I agree, please do a tutorial!


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