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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Everything We're Dreaming of Will Soon Be Ours

Hi again everyone! Meet my friend Jenny! I've known her since my first night as a wee college freshman during our school's new student orientation. I knew we would be amazing friends when we immediately bonded over drawing tablets that first night we met. As fresh college students high with new found freedom, we decided to talk Wacom instead of typical just-unleashed-kiddies topics. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Turns out we had a great deal more in common than just our mutual interest in tablets; Jenny is one of the most fracktaculously amazing artists I've ever met. I find endless inspiration every time I look at any of her artwork. I secretly stalk her website ( even though she's only mentioned it a few times to me. :D Am I the only one who clicks friends' blog links hidden in various corners of their profiles?

Now that the cold weather is here, it's time to break out the coats! Every girl needs that fitted black wool peacoat, right? I know I just went on and on about the drabness of winter colors, but there is just something really sophisticated about a nice black coat. I do find this to be discouraging sometimes. I wonder "Why should I spend money on colorful outerwear if I'm not going to look as put together as the girl next to me wearing just black?" I do find looking through images from Gossip Girl a good inspiration since Blair Waldorf always seems to have an answer for style conundrums. :)

Wouldn't it be fun to wear summer dresses under all those winter layers? I wonder how odd it would look to go to class, take off your coat and extra layers in the toasty classrooms, and be the only one wearing clothes obviously meant for really really hot weather. No tights, no knee socks, no boots, just a sundress and legs! :D 

 Coat: Miss Sixty, Borrowed from Roomie :)
Blouse: H&M
Skirt: Forever21
Leggings: Beijing
Flats: Shanghai
Robot Necklace: Beijing
Heart Earrings: Beijing
Headband: Borrowed from Roomie

Anyone recognize the title of this post? It's from the Thumbelina soundtrack!! Jodi Benson has such a lovely voice. :)


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